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Praxis Press

praxis press

Praxis is something we are excited to be part of collaborating in. Our dream for Praxis is that it becomes a movement equipping and enabling mission in Dublin and beyond.

As we think about mission and church in Ireland we recognise that our context is unique and that as helpful as North American, UK and European voices are we also need to not just hear Irish voices but create means of sharing these Irish voices.

And so Praxis Press was birthed.

Praxis Press recently raised €5000 through a Kickstarted campaign to publish the first 3 books. They already have one manuscript in hand and several others poised for consideration. Some of the very best Irish mission practitioners are also the most modest. Their humility and love for ordinary people often makes them reluctant to formalise their ideas in writing, yet, in our view, these are the very ideas we most need to hear. There is a great treasure to be uncovered in the stories, experiences and convictions of Irish leaders living a life of mission.

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